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MIRI’s ‘Find Your Voice’ workshops and one to one sessions are an opportunity for people to learn the basics and receive guidance and support to find their true voice. They offer a safe space to build confidence and explore. MIRI has previously run her ‘Find Your Voice’ workshops at DIY Space for First Timers Fest.

MIRI also runs ‘Find Your Voice’ songwriting workshops most recently running short weekly Instagram live sessions for the youth music charity School Ground Sounds.

“I’ve found the sessions have not only made me feel more confident about my ability to sing but also helped me stand a bit taller and feel more relaxed. MIRI is always friendly and thoughtful and never judgemental.” Pippa

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Curated and led by MIRI, Diversity Platform are LGBTQ+ music industry panel discussions & Q&A’s for young LGBTQ+ creatives & allies. Past guests include Nate James, Neil McDonald MBE & Stonewall. During lockdown Diversity Platform has launched Instagram Takeovers every Wednesday featuring a different LGBTQ+ creative each week followed by an Instagram live chat with MIRI & the Takeover artist creating a platform for any young LGBTQ+ creatives, entrepreneurs, music lovers and allies to ask questions during the chat.

Reach out for more information on scheduling your ‘Find Your Voice’ workshop or finding out more about Diversity Platform