Ethical Streaming

Sonstream is a principled streaming company based in Stoke-On-Trent. You can stream MIRI’s music here where she’ll be paid fairly.

MIRI on Sonstream:

Soundbites EP (Reissue)

1. Good Ones

2. My Sweetheart

3. Soundbites

4. Girls Just Want To Have Fun

  1. + Just Breathe, Electric Vibes, Red, Somebody Save Me (Lockdown Session), Broken City, Blue Skies (Acoustic), and Trends.

Ethically stream MIRI’s music here: Sonstream

Read the article written by Rhian Jones featuring Sonstream and MIRI: The Guardian

You can also ethically steam MIRI’s music on ResonateResonate is the first community-owned music streaming service — a multi-stakeholder platform co-operative, democratically governed by their members: artists, listeners, and workers.

Ethically stream ‘Trends’ here: Trends